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Systems & Tools 27 September 2012 | 10.00am

Arup World is an iPad app we are about to release to the Apple App Store that lets people explore the projects that ‘shape a better world’. We are in the final stages of stress testing the app and ensuring the experience is interactive and engaging. Children are great beta testers and Andrew Maher reported he had elevated his status at home when his kids used it and found the Ferrari manufacturing plant was an Arup project. Much of our global app technology is developed in Adelaide and we are looking forward to showcasing a number of projects at our client event there this year.

Arup World

There are several ways to explore projects. We’ve used the GPS in the iPad to locate the user, so you can either navigate via the globe or through augmented reality to show the location and information about Arup projects around you as below.

In this view from our Melbourne office, the real world view from the iPad camera is digitally augmented with several projects. You can see the Melbourne Cricket Ground as well as AAMI Park Stadium. Beyond is the National Institute of Circus Arts and the Intensive Care Unit at the Alfred Hospital.

Arup World 2

By touching the MCG icon, project details are displayed including information about the disciplines used and links to related projects. There are a number of other functions such as criteria filtering and all the information gathered can then be bundled together and sent digitally directly from the app to any number of people.

MCG Info Page

We are really excited about Arup World. Not only does it provide a way of navigating our projects but it is utilising technologies we are developing and testing in Digital Innovation to ‘shape the way we work’.

Stewart Bird

Melbourne, Australia

“I am Project Manager for the Arup Digital group where I help manage the development of projects from innovation right through to commercialisation. I am also Programme Manager for Arup University helping to develop different ways Arup can sharing and advance it's technical knowledge.”

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