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Buildings 31 August 2009 | 10.00am

I was recently invited to present a short Implementation strategy for using Revit at an AutoDesk Award ceremony for the Building Construction Authority (BCA) here in Singapore. The award was in recognition of the BCA’s continued efforts in promoting the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) within the Singapore construction industry. This is something that has not been as easy as people first thought but the BCA have continued with their efforts and I think are well on the way to breaking new ground with BIM-based Government submissions.

At Arup in Singapore we have been adopting the process of BIM on all our projects for a fair number of years with many number of successes and only a few doubters (still !!). The support we receive at Arup from our leaders locally, regionally and on a global scale makes it a much easier prospect to implement new ideas and technology but what is clear from my time talking about and discussing BIM with others externally that story is not the norm. So when I get asked to do an implementation presentation I usually try to keep it simple and hopefully funny although I think my humour is lost on most and try and address the main things for people to think about, such as software choice versus project type, training, foresight and planning, support, hardware to name a few. However, the one thing I always stress is the need to start; I still fail to really understand why people do not see and take advantage to this approach to design and documentation.

OK so I am sold, in fact I was sold a long time ago but none the less it still seems blazingly obvious why this PROCESS of leveraging INFORMATION is the way we all need to work together (forget software for now). The only reason I can come up with otherwise is risk and responsibility and the way the fear of it is ingrained into the industry and until we alleviate that mentality its gonna be a long old road for all us but as I say in my presentations, we at Arup are well on that road already.

Chris Pynn

Melbourne, Australia

“I am currently the regional BIM Leader developing Arup's BIM capabilities and coordinating implementation, management and business opportunities.”

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