Film & Animation Workshop 2012 1 featured

Film & Animation Workshop 2012

Systems & Tools 18 September 2012 | 10.00am

We have just finished this year’s short course with Film and Animation School at the Victorian College of the Arts. The previous two are here and here. Thanks again to Robert Stephenson and Paul Fletcher from the VCA. 10 people from all over Arup Australasia attended. Here, two tell their story.

Day 1

After introducing ourselves and having a coffee in the retro café attached to the college, we dived straight into creating animation film.

Film & Animation Workshop 2012 3

We separated into three groups and began creating films using different media such as plasticine, sand and also positive/negative projections from a light box.

After creating a 20 second film (this is combining the work of all three groups work – 7.5 hours in total), we started to understand just how much work goes into the creation of animation films. To create a film that was slow enough for the eye to follow, you had to take 25 pictures/shots on a camera, whilst moving the objects a millimetre or so each shot, to produce 1 second of film. It was a timely and involved process that I don’t think any of us were aware of previously! That said – every time we played back our work, we were all very proud and full of praise for each other.

Film & Animation Workshop 2012 2

After lunch we were shown the basics of design programs such as Garage Band, Adobe Photoshop, Quick Time After Effects etc. Adding effects to films, making our own music or noise and then we started putting these together create our own short films.

Day 2

As we were walking up the stairs to our classroom in the morning we walked into the foyer of the college where our facilitators had set up a projector, projecting against the internal lift wall. They were using our short films that we created the day before as light projections! The remainder of the day we were able to choose the area in which we wanted to focus on. I decided to focus my time on creating and editing video – which I thought would most benefit me in my role. I created a few funky black and white clips, by cutting film and adding sound and music.

Film & Animation Workshop 2012 4

After burying our heads in our computers for the rest of the day, the facilitators collated all of our work together and we gathered to watch it in the mini theatre within the college. It was very rewarding to see the hard work the entire group had put into creating something that could be used in our work environment. – Caitlin Garner Program and Project Manager

The film and animation course was a great experience, opening our eyes to the fundamentals. The hands-on two-day workshop gave us an opportunity to put our creative hats on and get stuck in using real animation techniques, software and hardware. How much can I bring back to my day-to-day work? There’s probably no claymation in the near future, but exercising our creativity in communicating a message will be hugely beneficial.’ – David Barker, Engineer

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