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Environments 07 April 2014 | 7.34am

i Light Marina Bay is Asia’s only sustainable lighting festival, showcasing the works of creative talents from around the world with an emphasis on innovation, intelligence and beauty in lighting. Accompanied by an array of events and activities for the whole of March 2014, the light installations stretch out across the entire Marina, pleasantly energizing the area for thirty straight nights.


The highly creative bunch that make up our Lighting teams in Singapore and Shanghai put up amazing installations this year. However, for the purpose of this post, I’ll mainly focus on the installation produced by our friends in Singapore.


Humbly tucked away close to the water and right behind the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, was one of our installations – “Beat”.  Sponsored by Philips Lighting, we were able to use their new “Hue” product to bring life and energy to the space. Our lighting team described the installation as..

“Translucent shapes slowly throb with a relaxed light pulse to draw attention. As the intrigued mind approaches the objects, an instinctive impulse to touch prevails, stimulating the object to respond. Answering visually, the object intensifies and adopts a human heart beat light pulse. Once visitors interact and get together, the installation is synchronised, becoming a single thoughtful act where it glows as a single BEAT. The installation is designed to be inclusive, fun and light-hearted while promoting a sustainable message – “It only takes one to initiate change and collectively, change can be realised”.”


One of the best things about Arup is you often find yourself in this beautiful intersection between art, science and technology. Our lighting designers created a great interactive installation but also tapped onto the collective genius of the Arup engine. More than 10 enthusiastic individuals from other disciplines all got involved. The “hands on” culture of our engineers and designers was in full force on this project making it a great multi discipline effort, but most importantly…super fun!

Here is a time lapse of the project from start to finish – View it here.

Photos Courtesy of:

Franklin Kwan (Arup SG Marketing & Comms)

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