Interactive voting for the Drivers of Change featured

Interactive voting for the Drivers of Change

Cities 28 September 2009 | 10.00am

The Drivers of Change have been issued twice now. They are collated and published by the Foresight and Innovation team and consist of a series of cards grouped by theme around the STEEP principles covering Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, or Political drivers.

The cards are often used as a tool for discussion or prompts for workshop events such as the 2009 TED Global workshop in Oxford.

More recently Duncan Wilson has created an interactive tag cloud so the drivers of change most pertinent to any particular group or workshop can be recorded at that event. We’re working with Duncan at the moment to develop a similar tool for the SlimCity workshops we will be conducting in Australia over the next few months. You can see the tag clouds for Melbourne and play with the voting while they are being developed.

SlimCity is a World Economic Forum initiative for which we co-developed three sets of cards (cousins to the Drivers of Change). They can be downloaded here.

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