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Microclimate Design

Buildings 29 May 2013 | 4.27am

One of the more lively areas of development in Arup’s Melbourne office is in the area of microclimate analysis and the design of outdoor spaces. We work on projects across a wide range of climate types in cities such as Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Sydney and need to have a good feel for how design needs to respond to local environmental conditions. Thermal comfort is affected by such parameters as air temperature, wind speed, humidity and thermal radiation, with each of these becoming more or less important depending on the climate type and the expectations of people using space.

Our design work is typically supported by a range of numerical simulations, the results of which have always been difficult to present using paper reports. Last year we were working with interactive pdf documents, but this year we’ve been creating some innovative digital reports using the Unity gaming engine. One of the advantages is being able to publish these reports online, like the example below. This digital report shows how environmental wind and solar access work together in the shaping of the local microclimate. We hope you like this report … we’re pretty pleased with it and see a lot of future opportunities for improvement … just wait till we figure out how to get the most out of augmented reality.

Microclimate Design 1

Click here to launch the interactive model in new window.

Jon Morgan

Melbourne, Australia

“I have always wanted to explore the principles behind the way things work. I began in automotive and aerospace engineering but my work is now in architecture and the design of buildings and urban systems. I’ve always looked for ways to disassemble and re-connect stuff, anything from the purely physical (like push-bikes and computer programs) through to the theoretical (like ideas about economics, people and cities).”

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    Wow, this is really great. Thank you!