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Systems & Tools 17 January 2014 | 3.54am

You may have stopped on occasion to listen to sounds of your city or the sounds of nature, but have you ever thought of them as music?

This year’s Pause Fest which explores creativity within the digital realm is just under a month away and we are hosting another workshop. We really enjoyed our last workshop ‘Mapping People in Space’ that looked at how Radio Frequency IDs could be used to see how people interact with different spaces within a building. It drew people from all over Australia.

This year we are doing something a little different. We are playing with sound.

Pause and Listen 1

We are opening up our SoundLab to a lucky few to experiment with ambient sound. Attendees will be recording the ambient sounds of the city with the task of turning them into music. The SoundLab will provide the unique ability to simulate how the music sounds in different environments, from outdoors to a grand theatre. The space will help musicians, artists and other creative people collaborate to produce something unique.

This workshop will be hosted by Arup Melbourne’s very own Jon Osbourne. Jon, an acoustician, recently presented at TED x Melbourne where he discussed the importance of acoustic engineering in buildings and how we might engage with our cities through sound. Once the sound of car engines are quietened by the adoption of electric cars, we’ll have an opportunity to add pleasant sounds back into our cities, like water fountains and parks where children play. “This way, we don’t withdraw, rather we engage once more with our surroundings.”

The Arup Soundscape workshop is being held on 15 February from 10am until 3.30pm but spaces are limited so be quick.

Bring along

A laptop, soundcard and any other music-making equipment.
We will be using Max/MSP which can be installed at the workshop if need be.

Skills required

We welcome musicians, artists and those with basic visual programming skills (visual based, not code-based).

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