The Impossible Dynamic City featured

The Impossible Dynamic City

Cities 22 September 2010 | 10.00am

The Impossible Dynamic City is a sequence of animations from a short course developed with the Film and Animation School at the Victorian College of the Arts. The idea behind the course is to expand the skills we use when communicating our designs and our thinking.

Ten Arup staff attended the inaugural course which was held over two consecutive Fridays in September. During the first day we focussed on developmental and exploratory exercises, impulsive thoughts and random ideas reacting to materials and sound on the animation stages.

The Impossible Dynamic City1

There was an introduction to resources and techniques through ‘making’ and the theme was to ‘animate the inanimate’. Each person brought something personal along to breathe life into. Amongst the objects were rocks, phones and workshop tools.

Then, individually or in pairs, the participants wrote an idea around the The Impossible Dynamic City theme to pursue on the second day.

Those animations, brought together in the video below are experimental in nature, but they demonstrate a desire to ensure that our expertise is communicated in a meaningful and engaging way.

The Impossible Dynamic City 2

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