The Light Shed featured

The Light Shed

Environments 07 August 2012 | 10.00am

Glow worm was a part of the “Light In Winter” festival in Federation Square, which ran for the month of June, the darkest month of the year in the Southern Hemisphere. We entered a competition to build a “light shed”, to be installed for the duration of the festival. By day, the inside of the tent glowed, by night it flickered with light – a beacon in winter. The contrast between the rigid structure and the organic form gave the impression of strength and invoked a feeling of safety within.

The theme of the festival this year was ‘the word’, to celebrate reading and literacy. Our concept was to allow people to write a message, quote, lyric or story on a little tag and pin it to the tent. We underestimated how popular this would be! People started writing on the walls, ceiling, anywhere they could to leave their message behind. As people moved through the structure, the lighting became dynamic, casting coloured shadows and silhouettes on the canvas. It was essentially a human lantern – where the people and their story were the feature.

The installation is a fantastic success and attracted a large amount of attention.

The lighting was supplied by Philips, the timber supplied by Wolfdene, sewing of the canvas by Made in the Shade, designed and built by Arup and SJB over several weekends and weeknights, rain, hail or shine.

The timber has since been donated to a community group in the yarra valley building an eco-farm, and also a woodworking workshop for people with disabilities near Rowville in Melbourne.