The Penguin Pool 4

The Penguin Pool

Environments 25 September 2013 | 4.12am

Arup hosted its 3rd Melbourne Penguin Pool event at Deakin Edge, Federation Square. Digital Media in the Public Realm was the theme of the night which attracted a huge cross section of people from a wide range of backgrounds, from artistic philanthropists to executive directors. The idea behind the Penguin Pool was to make new connections with other creative people not necessarily in the same industry, while helping to position Arup as an organisation on the creative edge.

digital.Arup, our new digital brand, emerged in supporting the very successful night that saw digital creativity worked into every corner of the event, right from name tags to presentations from some of Melbourne’s most creative and innovative people. We tweeted from @ArupDigital for the first time so you might like to follow us.

The Penguin Pool 1

Digital organic art, it almost sounds completely contradictory, but Jon McCormack was able to bring all these themes together through his artwork. In his presentation to the Penguin Pool crowd, Jon explained how he was able to turn the evolution of petroleum company logos over the last few decades into living organisms in a digital environment. Jon also told how these digital life forms where able to prompt better customer engagement at the Ars Electronica Museum in Austria where his art is being shown.

The Penguin Pool 2

Greg More, from OOM Creative explained how Melburnians can now communicate with their favourite trees…digitally. Through his data visualisation model of Melbourne’s trees users can see the types, health and density of trees around the city. The level of detail is such that users can select individual trees and actually write messages to their favourites, giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘getting in touch with nature’.

The Penguin Pool 3

The last presentation of the night had the potential to take on a more morbid tone, if not for the very humorous Adrian Mills, the creator of the hugely popular Dumb Ways To Die campaign. Adrian walked the crowd through how a campaign that, in his view, should have never been made ended up becoming the fourth most viral advertising campaign in history. The campaign has been so successful that even Arup engineers are posting YouTube videos about it, one of which featured in Adrian Mills’ presentation by pure fluke.

The night ended with a flurry of social media activity, with guests expressing their enjoyment of the event in a public forum. Keep an ear out for Arup’s next Penguin Pool event coming early next year!

The Penguin Pool 4

To see more images and messages from the night search #ArupPP and @ThePenguinPool on Twitter.

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