Vision Mapping

Systems & Tools 10 January 2012 | 10.00am

Vision Mapping is a research project aimed at extend the sphere of pedestrian simulation and crowd analysis in the planning and design of buildings and precincts. Using our MassMotion software we have been analysing the science behind people’s field of vision and the impact this has on their decision making. Preliminary research has focussed on the representation of pedestrian’s cone of vision in retail contexts.

Currently retail layout and placement with shopping centres and terminals / interchanges is undertaken with an intuitive approach

The value of adding science and a methodology to the approach is in reducing the risk and cost of spaces that just don’t work, that people seem to ignore or plainly don’t see prior to construction.

As simulation tools continue to increase in their sophisitication, mapping a persons cone of vision will be a valuable tool when offered in conjunction with people modeling skills in 3D environments. This study includes a client focus to identify needs and markets for the research. We have been meeting with designers as well as retail centre owners and operators, leasing agents and airport or station operators and commercial managers to identify the needs and current best practice in the market place.

Next is the use of cameras to film actual fields of vision in poor and good performing retail environments. The footage will be used as part of a calibration process.

This video shows that over time, and with an increase of population going through the same fields, areas will become highlighted showing as ‘hot’ which indicates the line of vision, therefore the interest/ influence locations.

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For further information on this project please contact David Young.