Vivid Festival 2012 featured

Vivid Festival 2012

Environments 26 June 2012 | 10.00am

This is my entry into the Vivid Festival 2012, here in Sydney. The piece is called “Light Breezes” and it takes its form inspiration from a windsock, using the natural movement from the wind to give the installation character and motion.

The concept is to light these windsocks with colour via RGB LED’s that are custom designed and integrated into the sock design. The colour sequences and selections are specifically chosen as they are opposite on the colour wheel. For example, it goes from orange to blue and pink to green, thus allowing the eye to adjust to one colour, before it changes to the opposite colour, saturating your eye and forcing your brain to adjust quickly which makes for a strange sensation and feeling. The windsocks actually create noticable pools of light on the ground, which have a huge part in the public interaction of the installation as people started to chase then on the ground as the wind blew the socks. Very cool!

We chose the site due to its narrow proportion, allowing patrons to really immerse themselves right inside the artwork. The fittings were suspended from the existing catenary wire that is already in place.

Hope you enjoy the images and look out for a video link ill post soon…..

Tim Hunt

London, UK

“I’m a Lighting Designer with an industrial design based background. I have a passion for lighting design and the way light can be used to accentuate architecture and create unique environments.”

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