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Vivid Festival 2013

Environments 06 June 2013 | 4.24am

Introducing the latest light art project I have been working on – Ricochet is a laser based lighting installation for the Vivid Sydney Festival 2013. This has been my main piece of work for this years festival, in collaboration with members of my work at Arup and partnering with Frost* Design.

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This project is site specific and occupies a narrow lane-way in the Rocks, on George St, Sydney. The installation uses 24 lasers which are mounted to a frame and aimed downwards towards angled mirrors. These mirrors reflect the laser beam across the lane-way to another set of mirrors which in turn, then bounce the laser beams back again. This creates the “web” effect where the lasers appear to ricochet off the mirrors and the control system makes the lasers flash to enhance this concept. The laser beams are revealed by the smoke machine that we have plumbed into the frame.

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Complimentary to the lasers we have also installed a custom soundscape which has 8 speakers, each on their own channels which gives a surround sound and animates the space with electrical noises. This is the first time I have worked with a soundscape and it has been fantastic and gives the lighting display another dimension. Topping it all off, Frost* have designed a custom typeface which we had created into a gobo and projected this on to the footpath.

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With 1 week to go, so far the installation has gone well with some great feedback. I personally have been very impressed with the physical installation by Kerfoot Electrics and I think that this has contributed to the success of the project.

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